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Name:Kevin Richards

Name: Kevin Richards
Age: 36
Family: Janice Richards (Mother, deceased), Caroline (Wife, deceased), Alexia "Lexie" Richards (Daughter, 7 years old)
Occupation: Homicide (NYPD), formerly with Dallas PD and LAPD.
Hobbies: Loves to sing. Will perform in clubs when they have open mic night, also can be found in a karaoke bar if he finds a good one.
Bio: Kevin was born on July 4th, 1976 to single mother Janice. He never knew his father, the man high-tailed it once he found out his mother was pregnant. He was never heard from again. Being raised by a single mother gave Kevin an appreciation of women at a young age. He will say his hero is his mother if asked who his hero is. To him she was amazing to struggle with a small farm and raising a son all on her own. Guys seemed to come and go and he never really had a father figure growing up. Made him respect his mother and women all the more.

When he was in high school and just 16 he met Caroline Jenkins. He had no idea how to approach her even though he really liked her. She worked in a bakery and he spent more money then he ever thought on baked goods. She eventually asked him out which made him blush like hell. They married after two years of dating. Three years later Caroline found out she was pregnant. They had an angelic little girl with eyes like her momma. Things were good. His wife was a teacher and she got a job offer in LA, so he packed up his family and moved there for her to get a good job. He worked his way up through Vice and finally made Homicide.

In October 2008 his life came crashing down. While driving home from a meeting Caroline was hit and her car swerved off the road. She died instantly and the hit and run driver was never found. He couldn't stay in LA so he looked for a new job. Manhattan Homicide offered him the best financial stability.

Now he's just trying to get settled in a new city. He does all he can for his daughter. To him she deserves it. A quiet, calm detective he's damn good at his job.

[Muse and mun over 18. Kevin is an original character set in no particular fandom at all. So I can say Kevin is mine, I can't make that same claim on Blake Shelton. Miranda would kick my ass.]
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